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Growing up, I always loved to bake. My sisters 'trained me' by laying on the couch announcing how good a chocolate chip cookie sounded, and I would sprint to the kitchen on commercial breaks and whip up some for dessert. ​

It wasn't until my oldest sister asked me to make chocolate chip cookies on sticks for my niece's princess-themed birthday party that I started to dabble in the sugar cookie world. What fun was a chocolate chip cookie when I could make a tiara? It was more or less a tiara-shaped cookie, smothered with icing and sprinkles, but it was the thought that counted, right?  

From there, I made cookies for family events, until one day I got a real order request and the rest is history. 

I am completely self-taught, constantly learning and seeking new challenges in this cookie world! I work at Travelers Insurance during the day and dream up cookie designs at night. Nothing brings me more joy than creating something so special and unique for your celebration.

I am so happy you are here, and I can't wait to be a part of your next special occassion!

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Most of you know me as Becca aka 'Bex' but who is Bails? 

Bailey was my (almost) ten-year-old pup and the absolute love of my life.

We unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our sweet girl while in the middle of our vacation in the Outer Banks. While it will always be hard to understand, we take a small amount of comfort in knowing that we spent her last days all together at the beach.

When I was working too late in the kitchen, she was the one to nudge me out of my chair and impatiently stare me down until we walked upstairs to go to bed. And while some of you had the chance to meet my beautiful girl, she would have smothered each and every one of you with kisses at pick up if I let her.

When I came up with my Bakery name, I never had expected this to be a business. I had grabbed my personal Instagram handle (bex.n.bails) because it had a good ring to it, and Bails was always my anchor in life. Now that she's watching over me from above, I can only think about how lucky I am, to have her memory continue to be a part of my life, every day.​

Love you forever, Bails 

10.15.2013 - 09.26.2023

About Me: About Us
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