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My signature cookie is a Vanilla Sugar Cookie with Vanilla Royal Icing. I take pride in making a decorated sugar cookie that not only looks good, but tastes good too!! Each individual cookie is decorated by hand, customized specific to your event.

Please see below for more details on availability, flavors, pricing and more! 

Pricing + Menu: Top Sellers


My most up to date availability is always located under the 'Contact' section on my website, here.

As I work full time during the day, I can only manage a limited amount of orders each month. In order to maintain a better work-life balance, I only post new calendar availability one-two months at a time and I always email subscribed members when new dates are released onto my website! 

As an order for custom cookies can take four days from start to finish, I typically cannot accommodate an order request with less than one weeks notice.


Pricing starts at $7.00 per cookie and will increase based on the level of detail needed to bring your wildest cookie dreams to life! Airbrushing, metallics, multiple colors, dark colors, florals, hand painting and complexity of design are some of the factors that will cause an increase in price.


Cinnamon Roll
Dark Chocolate
Seasonal (please inquire)


Each cookie is individually heat sealed for freshness at no charge to you. 

Additional packaging can be accommodated for an additional fee (bows, individual boxes, tags, etc). Please be sure to include this information in your initial order request.


If you're looking for an activity to entertain the kiddos (or want to take a stab at decorating yourself), I offer 'Do-It-Yourself' Party Kits! 

Kits come with undecorated cookies, icing bags, sprinkles and directions. Kits can be customized specific for your event - you choose the designs, colors and quantity! 

Note: Minimum of one dozen is required to submit a request. Please fill out the 'Undecorated Sugar Cookies Form' on my website for pricing.


Paint your own cookies are another great activity for the kids. They make great party favors, or activities to do on a rainy day! 

A 'Paint-Your-Own' cookie is a fully iced white sugar cookie with a design stenciled or hand drawn on top. Each cookie comes with a paint palette and paint brush. Just dip the brush in water, paint, and you have an edible masterpiece!! 

Note: Minimum quantities do apply and sufficient notice must be provided as additional supplies and materials are needed. Please fill out the 'Undecorated Sugar Cookies Form' on my website for pricing.


I typically put together a menu for all major holidays (including: Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas). Samples of each item are posted to my website for purchase to pick up at a later date. Offerings typically include: Individual Standard Size Cookies, Personalized Cookies, Mini Sampler Packs, Platters, Do-It-Yourself Kits and sometimes Paint Your Own Options. I do not take Custom Order requests during major holiday weeks. Updates regarding Holiday menu's and pre-order dates are always sent to subscribed members first and posted to social media accounts.


Looking for cookies but don't have an event to order for? As I don't have a store-front, sometimes I am able to 'pop-up' at local businesses with decorated sugar cookies to sell in smaller quantities (Individual Standard Size, Mini Cookies, etc). Pop-Up shops are always announced via email, social media and will be updated on my website.

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