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Hosting a party? These are two great options to have as an activity or party favor!!

Do-It-Yourself Kit:

A standard kit includes six undecorated cookies, three icing bags, sprinkles and directions. These kits can be ordered on demand (two weeks notice preferred). Cookie quantity, designs, and icing can also be customized to your event.

Paint Your Own Cookie:

This is a fully iced cookie that has an image on top that can be 'painted.' Each cookie comes packaged with a paint palette and paintbrush. Just add water to the brush and you'll have an edible masterpiece! Two-three weeks' minimum notice is preferred as supplies may need to be ordered. 

If you're unsure what you need or have questions about the options above, please fill out the form or email me directly at to chat further! 

Thanks for submitting!

Do-It-Yourself + Paint Your Own Cookie Request: Get a Quote
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